Investor Relations Programs

Replacing Stock Certificates

For replacement of lost stock certificates, please submit the duly notarized shareholder’s affidavit of loss and publisher’s affidavit on the publication of notice of loss once a week for three consecutive weeks in newspapers of general circulation.

For replacement of slightly damaged stock certificates, please submit the original damaged stock certificate to stock transfer agent.

Completely damaged stock certificates or stock certificates with stock certificate number and name no longer identifiable are treated as lost stock certificates, and may be replaced as such.

Change in Address

Stockholders requesting for a change in registered mailing address should simply send by mail or personal delivery to the stock transfer agent or stockholders relations group a signed letter request indicating their new addresses, together with a copy of at least two identification cards bearing their signatures and pictures. Stockholders are encouraged to update their addresses whenever necessary to avoid dividend checks, stock dividend certificates, notices or annual reports from returning to the Company or stock transfer agent.

Transfer of Shares Subjected to Estate Requirement

Please submit the following documents:

  1. Extra Judicial Settlement or Affidavit of Self Adjudication
  2. Waiver of Rights (for Heir or Heirs waiving their rights over the shares in favor of other heir or heirs)
  3. BIR certification as to payment or exemption of estate tax
  4. Publication of the Extra Judicial Settlement
  5. Copy of Death Certificate
  6. Copy of Marriage Contract
  7. All original stock certificates issued to the stockholder
  8. Payment of cancellation fee: P22.40 per certificate and issuance fee of P112.00 per issued certificate

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