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Corporate Governance

Company’s Policies
  1. Whistle-blowing Policy
    For Directors: It is the Company’s Policy to investigate complaints fairly and protect the identity of complainant.

    For Senior Management and Employees: It is the Company’s Policy to investigate complaints fairly and protect the identity of complainant.

  2. Conflict of Interest Policy
    For Directors: A director should ensure that his personal interest does not conflict with the interests of the Company. He should avoid situations that may compromise his impartiality. If an actual or potential conflict of interest may arise on the part of a director, he should fully and immediately disclose it and should not participate in the decision-making process. A conflict of interest shall be considered material if the director’s personal or business interest is antagonistic to that of the Company, or stands to acquire or gain financial advantage at the expense of the Company.

    For Senior Management and Employees: The Company has a long-standing policy to require the highest standards of ethics and morality for the Company and its employees.

    An employee has a duty of loyalty to the Company. An employee shall not have conflicting interests in any competitor of the Company or in any organization with which the Company does business. Such interest creates an unfavorable impression and raises an implication of impropriety.

  3. Insider Trading Policy
    All directors, officers, and employees should ensure that he or she comply with all the laws, and rules and regulations relating to insider information.
  4. Related Party Transactions Policy
    Only inter-company receivables and payables are permissible.

    Related party transactions with substantial stockholders, officers and their family, and directors and their family may be allowed subject to Board of Directors’ approval.

  5. Policy and Data Relating to Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees, including company sponsored training

    The Company gives paramount importance to its employees’ safety, health and welfare. As such, the Company maintains a safe working environment and reasonable working hours to all its employees. Above average health and medical benefits are provided. Recreational activities to promote camaraderie and employees welfare are also conducted.

    Company’s training and development programmes for employees are conducted on as needed basis. Further, Finance and Legal personnel attend regular seminars on updates and new development in their respective fields.